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Low Bow

Because many of the best yoga teachers have a dance background, we see photos showing their flexibly and start to think that is what the yoga pose should look like when it is done “right”. But that is not true. The “right” yoga pose is the one YOU can do. In this moment.

PHOTO: Most photos of Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) show the legs being pulled very high. This woman is not a dancer but an athlete who has played soccer for over a decade and is a track and field champion. This is her Dhanurasana and to me it is as beautiful as the bow poses of my friends who can pull themselves up into a slender tear drop shape. 

She flew in from the east coast. Upon entering my studio and looking at the photos on the walls she gasped, “Oh my God, I am no where near as flexible as all these models!” I told her not to get intimidated by the photos but to just focus on her own practice. We ended up with beautiful images.

Sure her legs did not go as high as many of the yogis I have shot, but her joy in doing yoga was so evident and infectious, I still cannot look at this photo without smiling.

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