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Accidental Cover Model

Yoga Journal cover with Maria

Chance encounters can bring big things.

Earlier this year I was having dinner with Ellen, the publisher of Yoga Journal Russia, in an upscale Mexican restaurant in Moscow. Our beautiful waitress, Maria (or Masha, as Russians prefer to pronounce it!), recognized Ellen and told us how excited she was to meet her. Turns out Masha was a yoga teacher and loved reading Yoga Journal every month. I was doing a shoot for Ellen in a few days with Ksenia Sobchak, a well known celebrity in Russia. We invited Masha to stop by.

After finishing the shoot with Ksenia, I had the stylist try on some clothes with Masha and put her under the lights. She had never done a professional shoot before, but she was full of enthusiasm and eager to learn.

Maria on set

Maria and Jasper

Group photo of Jasper Johal, Maria Menovischikova and Yoga Journal Russia team

Masha was an absolute delight to work with, and here she is on the cover of the magazine she loves! You never know how you will end up on your first magazine cover. 

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