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Photography Galleries

Below are some images that give a small taste of the wide range of photography that I have done. (If you wish to see more examples of my work, please visit my other site: JasperJohal.com)

The work shown below is divided into six photo-galleries. You can scroll down to see them all, or you may click on the links below to go directly to the gallery:
1. Yoga
2. Dance
3. Editorial
4. Advertising
5. Fine Art Nudes

6. India

(NOTE: Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take a few moments for all the images to load and display.)

I have been part of the yoga community for over a decade and feel grateful to have worked with so many inspiring yoga teachers. As a profession Yoga is interesting in that most of the people at the top of this field are also genuinely caring and beautiful souls. Many have contributed selflessly to their communities beyond just yoga. It is gratifying for me to be able to show them in beautiful light.
When I arrived in the US at age 19, my first job was washing dishes in a restaurant near San Francisco. Many of the waitresses I worked with were dancers and they often took me to local dance studios with them. That is how I started photographing dance. I was still a dishwasher when I got my first photography assignment: shooting a ballerina from the Oakland Ballet Comany for a leg warmer manufacturer (back when leg warmers were popular the first time around!).
It is well known that doing photography for magazines does not pay as well as advertising work, but I love working with editorial art directors because they often allow us greater artistic freedom. I was a nerdy kid who loved to read, and I grew up with the allure of magazines with great photography like LOOK and LIFE. Even after all these years and dozens of covers I still feel a thrill when I hold a new printed magazine in my hands featuring one of my images on its cover.  
Advertising photography has been my bread and butter. It helped put me through an expensive school. It has allowed me to aquire photograpic and lighting tools that I could never have afforded otherwise, which in turn has elevated what I can acheive in my art photography. But more than the income, what I treasure most is the company of other creative and talented people it has made possible. I feel, at the end of the day, the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the people we are lucky enough to be surrounded with. 
I grew up in small town India, in a world of veiled women, chaperones and arranged marriages. Even the boarding school I spent my formative years in was firmly rooted in strict Victorian prudery of the highest order. So it makes me chuckle at the vagaries of destiny that I am now most known for shooting naked yogis and dancers! Having arrived in California in the late 70s when many of the people I befriended were still living in communes, it was perhaps inevitable that my camera would soon find a naked person in front of it. Surprisingly, thirty years later people continue to come every week and fling their clothes off as soon as they enter my studio.
For over five thousand years India has been conducting an intense and personal experiment in spiritual adverturism. I am fascinated by the mythology, art and culture that have flourished around this pursuit of enlightenment. Every few years I research a differnt spiritual path and then go on a pilgrimage associated with it. With my heavy camera bag strapped to my back, I walk the dusty miles, hanging out with people who follow that path (fortunately I speak a couple languages from India), listening to their stories. Going forward I would love to create products through which I can share these adventures and journeys with like minded amongst you. Please subscribe to learn about prints, books and greeting cards based on my photography in India when they become available.