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FLAME Volume One - Love Poems + Art Nudes

FLAME Volume One - Love Poems + Art Nudes

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Exquisitely crafted Digital Book of Poetry and Art Nudes

Instantly download this beautifully crafted digital book of Romantic Poetry from the 1700s and 1800s, illustrated with fine art nudes that look like paintings from 300 years ago.

Pages: 80
Format: PDF
View on: Can be viewed on any electronic device that has a PDF reader, such as tablets and cell phones. Larger screened devices such as iPads, laptops and computers will allow one to see more detail.

Flame Cover detail

For the cover I meticulously created the look of an antique leather bound book with an aged gold imprint.

For the inside pages I collected decorative elements based on real antique books. In terms of content, FLAME has poetry from revered figures of the Romantic Age, such as Keats, Byron and Shelley. Poems are illustrated with my fine art art nude photographs that evoke the colors and textures of old master paintings from centuries past. 

Design examples from FLAME

ADVANTAGES of DIGITAL BOOKS: In FLAME modern electronic design meets the beauty of old world craftsmanship.

Each one of it's eighty pages is filled with beautiful typography and layouts framing photographs that look like paintings. A physical volume with such a look would cost ten times more, not to mention the shipping cost of sending it around the world. While I love physical books immensely, digital books do allow us to immediately download and enjoy volumes that may otherwise be too expensive to produce and transport.

MEDITATION:  Besides the simple pleasure of enjoying poetry for its own sake, poetry can also be a fun alternative to traditional meditation.

I have been meditating since a very young age. Sometimes, instead of using more traditional techniques, I will sit down with a short poem and use it to still my mind and bring my awareness to the present moment.

I usually begin by reciting a poem aloud. By softly repeating the lines, giving in to the cadence of the words, there is a pleasure to be had that is sublime. It is not unlike chanting a mantra.

JOURNALING: For those of us who like to journal everyday, reading a poem a day can be a creative way to ignite writing ideas.

Poems have a way of triggering long forgotten thoughts, bringing to surface feelings that lie buried deep in the recesses of our soul.

Journaling image

30 DAY CHALLENGE: FLAME Volume One has 30 poems for 30 days; excellent for starting on a month long personal challenge of cultivating appreciation for poetry as well as journaling.

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