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A Yoga Inspired Daily Journal

A Yoga Inspired Daily Journal

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Writing in a journal everyday can transform our lives. Start off the 2020s right by cultivating this habit.

Jasper's YOGA INSPIRATION Daily Journal is a beautiful 128 page writing journal, richly illustrated with over three dozen Yoga photographs. 

  • Pages: 128
  • Size: 6x9 inches / 15x23 cm
  • Cover: Soft matte laminate
  • Paper: Uncoated smooth white

Yoga Inspiration Daily Journal by Jasper Johal

Most writing journals are filled with boring, blank lined pages. Not this one! Get inspired to write everyday by looking at full color yoga illustrations on every alternate spread, that still leave plenty of room to write.

Featuring photographs of much loved yoga teachers from around the world, all shot with Jasper's signature lighting.

CONSTRUCTION:  The cover is a soft luxurious matte laminate. Inside 128 pages of uncoated paper are thread sewn to make a very pleasant writing surface.

PLACE FOR CONTACT INFO:  In the front there is a place to jot down your contact info. If you happen to forget it on the subway or the yoga studio, the person finding it has a chance of returning it to you (and earn some good karma in the process!).


SIZE:  At 6x9 inches (15x23 cm) it is small enough to carry easily to a coffee shop or park, but large enough not to feel cramped when writing.

writing journal with bag


DIRECTORY:  In the back there is a directory of all 37 yogis featured in this book so you can explore their sites and follow them (you can also see the whole list of yogis under the "Community" link in the footer below).


YOGA RETREATS:  If you are going to attend a yoga retreat, it much easier to jot down notes in a physical note book, instead of pulling out your phone or a laptop in the middle of a session. For any kind of travel, it is a special pleasure to have a nice notebook to journal in as you sit down for a cup of chai and think about your experiences.

Yoga teachers: If are planning a retreat please email us to get special pricing so you can give all your attendees one of these writing journals as a perk.


GIFT IDEA:  Give all your yogi friends one. Perfect gift for a yoga teacher. It is not only a writing journal, but also an inspiring yoga photo book. 

"Computers are part of modern life. But if, like me, you love the tactile feel of writing in a physical notebook I think you will enjoy this journal." — Jasper Johal



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